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DWI with Commercial Drivers License in North Carolina

North Carolina’s DWI laws hold drivers with commercial drivers licenses, or CDLs, to a higher standard. In fact, the legal limit for blood alcohol content for CDL drivers is 0.04%, as opposed to 0.08% for the rest of the driving population. Professional drivers operate large dangerous equipment on roadways in our state could and pose a great threat to the safety and wellbeing of other motorists if they drive while intoxicated. However, if you are a CDL holder and make one mistake, your career could be irreparably damaged.

Your Career at Stake

For CDL holders, a DWI conviction could spell the end of a driving career. As a CDL driver, a first-offense DWI conviction is punishable by a one-year disqualification of your commercial license. The second major violation will result in a lifetime disqualification of the CDL. It may be possible to request reinstatement of the CDL after 10 years through the DMV, at that organization’s discretion. A third DWI conviction will result in an absolute lifetime revocation of your CDL, with no possibility for reinstatement whatsoever.

Operating a Non-Commercial Vehicle

It is important to note that the above rules apply, regardless of whether or not you were operating a commercial vehicle at the time of your arrest. If you were driving your personal vehicle, you will still be held to the same standard.

Transporting Hazardous Material

If you are convicted of operating a commercial vehicle that was transporting hazardous material at the time of your DWI, you will lose your CDL for three years. If you are convicted of a second DWI while transporting hazardous materials, your CDL will be revoked permanently.