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Requirements for DWI Limited Driving Privilege in North Carolina

License loss is one of the most inconvenient and life-altering consequences of a North Carolina DWI. Because we rely so heavily on our vehicles, losing the right to drive impacts nearly every aspect of our lives, from getting to and from work or school, to managing family schedules and even attending doctor’s appointments and running errands.

Under North Carolina law, it is possible to apply for limited driving privilege or hardship license after a certain amount of time has lapsed in your license suspension. There are several requirements that must be met in order to apply. Your attorney should help you with each step to ensure that all of the State-mandated criteria are met.

More Than Paperwork

The North Carolina requires that you provide proof of a completed alcohol assessment in order to be eligible for a limited driving privilege. This screening costs $100 and will be supplemented by time with a counselor. After reviewing the results of your alcohol assessment, the counselor will interview you and will give a recommendation as to which alcohol education classes you need to take.

The DMV also requires that you present a DL-123 form as proof of insurance. You can request this document directly from your insurance company.

Finally, you must submit an affidavit, a notarized document that states that you understand the parameters of the hardship license, you do not have a DWI on your record within the past seven years and that you are applying for this license for work or school. Your attorney can help you draft this document and ensure that it is properly notarized before submitting it to the court. You may also need to submit additional documentation if you need to drive for work or school outside of the standard hours determined by the court.

The court also requires a $100 filing fee.

An Important Process

The process of applying for a limited driving privilege or hardship license in North Carolina is straightforward, however if procedure is not followed exactly, you may lose your ability to apply.